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The Art of DanceSport Training System


The training system that will change everything.

Bringing the interest of athletes and dancers first in a personalized system of workouts constructed specifically for the progression of each athlete and couple.


"The Art of DanceSport" Training System is a platform where politics are no longer the concern of the trainees, bringing the interest of athletes and dancers first.

The Art of DanceSport Training System has been created exclusively by DSS for the advancement of DanceSport athletes onto the path to lead the industry and sport into the Olympics in the years to come. The platform consists of personalized training workouts carried on by DSS instructors worldwide who have come together from multiple federations under one unit. Seminars, camps, and DSF (DanceSport Federation) Tournaments will connect these DSS members to exchange and carry forward knowledge, technique, and personnel to advance the industry to new heights in the sports arena. Structure in training will lead to different performance in DSF Tournaments, which will be organized and judged in much the same way that Olympic sports are currently.

Aspects of syllabus will become essential in evaluation of an athlete’s skill as they will be judged at these competitions. Therefore, much focus will come back down to the basics in the Art of DanceSport Training System. Each couple will also be scored individually on the floor in terms of technicality, performance, partnership skill, and musicality. Therefore, these are the main terms of focus when DSS instructors prepare their athletes. DSS Competitive Rounds will focus on these aspects and feature such mock run-throughs of tournaments that will simulate a real competition with real scoring systems at the time of the rounds.


"Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality."

- Malala Yousafzai -




Structure of Progression.

Advancing athletes with a personalized system of workouts of physical, mental, emotional, spirutal, and social performance.


The system of workouts of the Art of DanceSport Training System entitles a personalized plan for each individual and couple that covers physical, mental, emotional, spirutal, and social performance.

The Art of DanceSport Training System encompasses training lessons of technique, performance, partnership skill, choreography, and musicality. This is our competitive workout routine which also includes the essential coverage of syllabus, one the most essential aspects of DSF tournaments.

DSS also accents much importance on the physical aspect of a dancer’s performance and most importantly, his or her health regarding all elements of physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing. For the physical aspect, DSS Rounds are essential to the endurance and physical form of training and conditioning. These will be constantly incorporated into the routine of workout for each individual.

Our System of Workouts also includes sessions with the DSP (DanceSport Psychology) team. After the Evaluation process, Advisory and Counseling takes place where the individual training plan is established and a system of workouts is laid out before each dancer. Weekly sessions of DSP will be held to cover Time Management, personal issues, etc. and consultations about progress and hindrances of each athlete's advancement.


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

- Jim Rohn -