Ballroom Dancing Lessons for Kids & Teens

Welcome to our Ballroom Dance School, where you can discover the exciting world of ballroom dance for children. We believe in the power of ballroom dancing to provide not only physical strength and agility but also a sense of beauty, artistry, and teamwork. With our professionally designed programs, your child will have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of this captivating sport. Join us today and introduce your child to the captivating and enriching activity of ballroom dance.

Programs for kidsAny age and level

We strive to provide top-notch dance education at DanceSport Studio. Our primary goal is to empower dancers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, to achieve their fullest creative potential. We are honored to have nurtured talented individuals who have gone on to become USA National Juvenile, Junior, and Youth Champions, World Team Representatives, Blackpool World Open Finalists, and World Championship Finalists. Our team of professionals is fully dedicated to not only developing successful dancers but also cultivating well-rounded individuals.

„Dance gives me strength and power”

Giana - Dance Student

Giana (8 years)


„Dancing gives me a stronger body and happiness.”

Sierra - Dance Student

Sierra (13 years)


„Dancing gives people joy and happiness.”

Natalie - Dance Student

Natalie (5 years)


„It gives me power.”

Trip - Dance Student

Trip (7 years)


„It gives me freedom.”

Brayden - Dance Student

Brayden (8 years)

Ballroom Kids

Age Groups

Our ballroom dance classes for kids are tailored to different age groups, keeping in mind their rapid physical and mental growth. These classes provide an ideal setting for kids to acquire essential communication skills in a supportive community environment. They also learn how to actively listen and follow instructions, fostering their ability to be effective team players.
Teddy Bear Ballroom Dancing Classes
Ages 3-5

Teddy Bears

DSS starts classes for kids as early as 3 years of age. They will start learning coordination, movement to music, correct posture, feet positions, and the beginning fundamentals of Ballroom Dancing. In combination with ballet work, children will begin developing the body strength and physicality that will prepare them for their dancing careers.
Lessons for Teddy Bear
Juvenile Ballroom Dancing Classes
Ages 6-10


Juveniles are young dancers ages 6-10. Students at this age begin learning the basic structures of the Ballroom & Latin dances, including syllabus choreography, technique, foot placement, leg action, and upper body work. They will also be exposed to some open level choreography as they progress through the Bronze – Gold syllabus structure.
Lessons for Juveniles
Junior Ballroom Dancing Classes
Ages 11-15


Our 11-15 year old dancers will learn the basics and fundamentals of Latin-American and International Standard dances to hone their choreography and technique capabilities. They will also be exposed to our open advanced curriculum which focuses on music rhythms, body action, leg action, footwork, partnering skills, musicality, and presentation.
Lessons for Juniors
DSS Teens are dancing at the Ballroom Dance Competition
Ages 16-19


Students will be exposed to all 5 Standard and 5 Latin-American Dances including competitive dancing class.
Lessons for Youth
Ballroom Kids

Types of Lessons

Group Classes

In a welcoming and competitive atmosphere, our students engage in learning choreography, technique, partnering skills, musicality, and presentation. They also develop important attributes such as active listening, following instructions, and working as part of a team.

Private Lessons

We take pride in our individual approach to the learning process, offering students valuable one-on-one time with their instructors. This personalized attention allows them to learn choreography that is tailored to their abilities, aiding them in their preparations for presentations and upcoming competitions. This focused approach is known to be one of the most effective methods for rapid progress.

Training Camps & Seminars

Our highly recommended weekend training sessions span over four hours and offer a comprehensive program. These sessions include fitness activities, Latin and Ballroom Group Classes, Latin and Ballroom Rounds, as well as stretching and flexibility exercises. Designed especially for competitive team members, these intensive sessions provide a well-rounded training experience.

Kids Ballroom Dancing Dance Styles

Children as young as four years old can enroll in our dance classes. For children aged three and under, attendance is subject to approval by our DSS instructors. When you register your child, you will have the opportunity to choose their desired training path. Once you make your selection, we will explain the corresponding training method that aligns with your preferences, ensuring the best possible benefits and progress for your child. This selection will lead to the creation of a personalized training plan for your child. Regardless of whether they participate in competitions, every child will progress through our proficiency levels, achieving milestones and goals that reflect their training progress. Each child will successfully advance through each proficiency level. Additionally, ranking competitions are available at all proficiency levels, allowing us to plan and schedule a child's participation in future national and international tournaments and training camps, marking significant milestones for our esteemed DSS Competitive Team.
Ballroom Dance classes for youth

International Latin

Cha-Cha-Cha - Samba - Rumba - Paso Doble - Jive
Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Programs

International Standard

Waltz - Tango - Viennese Waltz - Foxtrot - Quickstep

WHY BALLROOM DANCING Why Should Children Ballroom Dance?

Ballroom dancing creates a distinct atmosphere where boys and girls come together as duos, fostering the development of their sporting abilities and cultivating genuine and gracious character traits.

Ballroom Boys

Ballroom Dancing stands out as a unique fusion of sport and art that emphasizes the integration of physical strength and the development of true gentlemanly qualities. Within the realm of competitive Ballroom Dancing, known as DanceSport, participants acquire and blend the core elements of the sport such as endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, and speed. Simultaneously, important lessons in graciousness and respect, particularly towards females, are imparted. These teachings contribute to the character development of young boys, transforming them into confident and selfless gentlemen who carry these values throughout their lives.
Ballroom Dancing for Boys
Kids competing at the Ballroom Dance Competition

Ballroom Girls

Ballroom dancing is a transformative discipline that nurtures the growth of young girls into genuine young ladies, embodying qualities of femininity, kindness, care, and inner beauty. Beyond physical fitness and athletic development, dance instills important lessons in self-care, encompassing physical appearance, communication, movement, gestures, and interpersonal interactions. In this environment, girls learn to genuinely and sincerely respect themselves, fostering a strong sense of self-worth.

Happy Ballroom Dancers

Join DSS Kids and discover how to ignite the dance floor while becoming a valued member of our competitive team.

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