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Whether you're interested in learning to dance, participating in competitive dance events, or simply enjoying social dance parties, our dance school has it all. We welcome you to come and discover the beauty of our facility, and we would love for you to become a part of our dance community.

MARLTON, NEW JERSEYExplore & Discover Our Dance Center

MARLTON, NEW JERSEYExplore & Discover Our DanceSport Center

At our state-of-the-art Dance Center, we specialize in offering exceptional Ballroom Dancing programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes group classes and individual lessons, making it accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re looking to learn different dance styles for your upcoming event or simply want to showcase your skills at our renowned Eminence Ball parties and Eminence Dance Festival four-season events, we have the perfect program for you.

Our DanceSport Center is equipped with top-notch facilities, featuring a spacious Main Ballroom, three dedicated training halls, comfortable changing rooms, large bathrooms, kitchenette, and inviting lunch and lounge areas. We have created an environment that is both welcoming and conducive to learning and honing your dance abilities.


The Art of DanceSport platform is a unique Ballroom Dancing education system presented by internationally acclaimed dancers.


The art of ballet is essential for building a strong foundation in competitive Ballroom Dancing. It provides dancers with fundamental techniques, such as posture, balance, grace, and musicality, that are crucial for excelling in this captivating dance style. Incorporating ballet training into your Ballroom Dancing practice can greatly enhance your performance and bring an added level of elegance and precision to your movements.


At DanceSport Center, we proudly host numerous annual Ballroom Dancing competitions and Championships. These highly anticipated events bring together talented dancers from diverse backgrounds, creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a passionate spectator, our competitions offer a thrilling showcase of skill, artistry, and friendly competition. Join us for these prestigious events and immerse yourself in the world of Ballroom Dancing excellence.


The Dance Center is the proud host of the Eminence Ball series, which includes a range of competitive events designed specifically for Pro-Am dancers. These competitions offer an opportunity for dancers to showcase their skills and talent in a supportive and professional environment.

In addition to the competitive events, we also host Social Parties for those who simply enjoy the pleasure of dancing without the stress of competing. These parties provide a lively and welcoming atmosphere where dancers of all levels can come together, socialize, and enjoy the sheer joy of dancing.

Whether you’re a dedicated competitor or someone who loves to dance for pure enjoyment, the Dance Center has something for everyone within the vibrant and dynamic world of ballroom dancing.


The DanceSport Center is an ideal venue for hosting a variety of events, including larger conferences, corporate celebrations, sweet 16 parties, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, dance presentations, and weddings. With our spacious facilities and state-of-the-art amenities, we can create the perfect setting to accommodate your event needs. Whether you’re planning a formal business gathering, a joyous celebration, or a memorable milestone event, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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GROW WITH USJoin DanceSport Center

GROW WITH USJoin DanceSport Center

We are constantly seeking talented individuals and groups with an entrepreneurial spirit to join us in expanding our services within the community. We are excited to hear your ideas and explore potential collaborations. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss this exciting opportunity further.


We enthusiastically welcome experienced break dancers and teachers with a competitive background in the break dancing style of dance. If you have a passion for break dancing and a proven track record in competitive performances, we invite you to join our dynamic community. Our dance school provides a supportive and inspiring environment where you can further develop your skills, share your expertise, and contribute to the growth of break dancing as an art form. Come and be a part of our team of talented individuals who are dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring the exciting world of break dancing.


We warmly welcome experienced hip-hop dancers and teachers who have worked with dancers of all ages. If you have a deep understanding and passion for hip-hop dance, including various styles such as popping, locking, and urban choreography, we invite you to become a part of our vibrant dance community.

Our dance school embraces diversity and inclusivity, providing opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels to explore the art of hip-hop dance. As an experienced dancer or teacher, you can play a pivotal role in inspiring and mentoring individuals across different age groups, sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Join our team of dedicated instructors and immerse yourself in a supportive environment where you can help students develop their skills, express their creativity, and foster a love for hip-hop dance. Together, let’s ignite a passion for rhythm, movement, and self-expression in dancers of all ages.

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