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Embark on a captivating journey of music and movement that encompasses the world of ballroom dance. Our classes are designed specifically for adults, offering a harmonious blend of beauty, artistry, and pure joy. Discover the elegance and expression of ballroom dance and immerse yourself in its enchanting rhythms. Experience the transformative power of this timeless art form as you connect with the music, express yourself through movement, and create lasting memories on the dance floor. Let the magic of ballroom dance inspire and uplift you in a truly unique and fulfilling way.
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Ballroom Dance classes for those without a partner. Meet and dance with others!
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Dancing is an enjoyable way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories.
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What isSocial Dancing

Join our adult Social Ballroom Dancing classes for a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These classes offer a perfect chance to relax, have a good time, and delight in the music. Connect with fellow dancers who share your interests and enjoy a welcoming and sociable environment. Discover the pleasures of dancing without the stress of competing.

„Every time I come here I don’t want to leave, this place is so inviting and hospitable.”

LAUREN, Dance Student

„I have been dancing in many studios, but this dance studio is the art in itself.”

Susan, Dance Student

„Wonderfull people and increadable place to learn Ballroom dancing.”

Laureal, Dance Student

„Very professional instructors who know how to progress my skills.”

Mariame, Dance Student

Why would anybody wants toBallroom Dance?

Engaging in ballroom dancing as a hobby is a remarkable endeavor that can bring about numerous physical and mental advantages. The combination of music and movement is renowned for enhancing mood and alleviating stress. Additionally, ballroom dancing presents an enjoyable avenue to maintain an active lifestyle while exuding gracefulness and feeling youthful and radiant.
Ballroom dancing offers a comprehensive workout that contributes to notable health advantages. This activity helps strengthen and sculpt muscles, increases flexibility, and boosts endurance and overall conditioning, especially for the heart and lungs. Notably, dancing is highly recommended by medical professionals as a low-impact, safe physical activity that supports the health of bones and joints. It provides an excellent exercise option for individuals seeking a form of movement that minimizes risks and impact on the body.
Embarking on ballroom dancing opens up opportunities to socialize, forge new connections, and discover shared interests among fellow enthusiasts. Engaging in this delightful pastime fosters a more sociable nature, leading to enhanced self-esteem, reduced stress levels, a heightened sense of purpose, and an overall positive outlook on life. Embracing the social aspect of ballroom dancing can truly enrich one's personal journey.

Social DancingTypes of Lessons

Our adult dance program provides an array of classes designed to meet different preferences. Whether you seek lighthearted and enjoyable group classes focused on social dancing or prefer personalized one-on-one lessons with a professional instructor, we have you covered. Mirroring your unique learning style, our individual lessons offer a more tailored approach. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills by participating in our upcoming Social Dance Party, where you can unite all your training and showcase your impressive moves.

Group Classes

Immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students come together to learn choreography patterns, fundamental technique, and partnering skills. Our classes provide a friendly and social environment where you have the opportunity to dance with a diverse range of partners, including fellow students and instructors. Regardless of your age or skill level, we have classes tailored to accommodate everyone. You are welcome to join us individually, with a partner, or bring along friends and even your entire family for a truly enjoyable dance experience.

Private Lessons

We offer a personalized approach to the learning process, allowing students to receive individual attention from an instructor. This means you will have dedicated one-on-one time to focus on your specific needs and goals. Whether you choose to learn with or without a partner, our tailored approach ensures that you learn choreography that suits your style and abilities. This personalized instruction is designed to help you excel not only in presentations but also in social dance parties. It is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to make rapid progress in your dancing skills.

Social Dance Parties

Social dance parties provide the perfect opportunity to put into practice all that you have learned during your lessons, on the vibrant dance floor! The music spans various dance styles, allowing you to refine your skills in a range of genres such as Hustle, Cha Cha Cha, and Waltz. You'll have the chance to socialize with friends and revel in a delightful atmosphere, all while having a blast and enjoying the fantastic ambiance. It's an authentic party experience that combines music, dance, and pure enjoyment!

Dance StylesWe Teach

Under our comprehensive Training System, you will have the opportunity to learn and excel in these captivating ballroom dances, cultivating both skill and sheer enjoyment.

Social Dances

Salsa - Bachata - Merengue - Hustle - West Coast Swing

American Smooth

Slow Waltz - Tango - Foxtrot - Viennese Waltz

American Rhythm

Cha Cha Cha - Rumba - Swing - Bolero - Mambo

International Standard

Waltz - Tango - Viennese Waltz - Foxtrot - Quickstep

International Latin

Cha-Cha-Cha - Samba - Rumba - Paso Doble - Jive

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