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Teen Ballroom Classes

Teen Ballroom Classes

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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Teens

The strength, beauty, art, and sport of Ballroom Dance for teens.

DanceSport Studio (DSS) is a professional dance school specializing in the styles of Ballroom Dancing. For youth and teens, this is an area of sport and art that is both thrilling and at the same time challenging and yet extremely rewarding. No matter what age, what skill level, or what plan of action is chosen, the goals of each child, individually, are taken into consideration and, as a result, a unique pathway for training is formed for each student personally. 

There are many options of dance interaction and activities available for teens. These include Group Classes, Individual Lessons, Training Camps, as well as Competitions & Tournaments. DSS specializes in the styles of:

International Latin International Standard
Cha-Cha-Cha Waltz
Samba Tango
Rumba Viennese Waltz
Paso Doble Foxtrot
Jive Quickstep

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a serious DanceSport competitive dancer. Lessons are available at absolutely all levels and all ages. 

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Teens

Why Should Teens Ballroom Dance?

To engage in Ballroom dancing is to enter a new world, a unique atmosphere where boys and girls come together in duos and construct their lifestyles of sport and true gracious character. Socialization combines with sport and establishes a world that many do not know even exist.

Why Should Teens Ballroom Dance?
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Ballroom Dancing is one of the only available spheres of sport and art that integrates physical strength with the importance of becoming a true gentleman in life, combining true elements of athletics with the important teachings of graciousness and gentleness towards others, especially females. Boys will not only work intensely on conditioning, but will also witness the development of muscles, in addition to strength and control of those muscles in movement. Flexibility improves, along with power, endurance, and speed.

Self-confidence is another building block that forms from participating in dance class. Boys have a difficult time expressing themselves in most situations, and dance is a form of assistance in doing so. Dance is all about self-expression, what one feels on the inside. To be able to conquer a routine and perform it in front of others is a major victory, especially for the growth of socialization in any boy's life, no matter the age.

From motivation, to improvement in motor skills, to confidence, focus, and personal satisfaction, dancing for boys builds on many real-life components. These teachings evolve the character that transforms young boys into young gentlemen who carry these traits of self-confidence and selflessness throughout the rest of their lives.


Ballroom dancing is a form of sport and art that engages girls into developing themselves in various aspects. Not only does the child grow up in a fantastic physical shape, with strength in elongated muscles, flexibility of the entire body, overall endurance, stamina, increased range of motion in the body, as well as coordination, balance and a strong posture, dance touches on much more than just the physical aspect of healthy development.

Ballroom dancing transforms each young girl into a true young lady of femininity, kindness, care, and beauty that radiates from the inside out. Dancing in a couple opens up a world of connection to others, and care towards others by working in a team. Girls will begin understanding the importance of taking care of themselves in terms of their physical appearance, their communication, the way they walk, they way they present themselves with movements and gestures, as well as how they act in regards to those around them. Every parent and guardian wants their girl to respect themselves, honestly and genuinely - to know their real worth. Dancing, especially dancing with a partner, transforms the mindset and creates a strong and healthy body and soul.

Ballroom Dancing for Girls

No Partner, No Problem

DSS offers the chance for any student to compete. Students without a competitive partner can compete either with one of our DSS instructors at competitions or solo as individual dancers. DSS can also aid in partner search for solo competitive dancers looking to form a couple.

DSS Competitive Age Groups

  • Tots (5 - 6 years of age)
  • Juvenile I & II (7 to 10 years of age)
  • Junior I & II (11 to 15 years of age)
  • Youth (16 to 18 years of age)
  • Adult (19 years of age and up)

DSS Training Structure

The interests of each student comes first.

Our DSS Youth Programs are structured by The Art of DanceSport Training System.

When first signing up your child, you will decide what path of training and what level of intensity you would like for your child to engage in. After selection, we will then explain the method of training that will correspond to your selection for the best benefits of your child and his or her progress, essentially a personalized training plan.

Each child will progress through our levels of proficiency, regardless if he or she will decide to engage in competition. He or she will progress through milestones and achieve goals that will indicate his or her progress in training.

Each student will also have the ability to decide whether or not he or she would like to take part in competitions throughout the United States, as well as internationally, as part of the DSS team. If deciding to train as a DSS athlete, each child will have a program designed uniquely to suit all aspects of physical, technical, artistic, and mental preparation with DSS Group Classes and Training Camps. Individual lessons with DSS coaches will be assigned throughout the program. We specifically accommodate our ways of instruction for each student depending on his or her goals for taking part in our school.

DSS Programs for Teens
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