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What Kind of Dancer Are You?

What Kind of Dancer Are You?


What Kind of Dancer Are You?

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Sharon D'Angelo)

The first unofficial World Championship in Ballroom Dancing took place in 1909. Since that time, the world of DanceSport not only made a huge step in its development by creating a history of champions and legends, but Ballroom finally approached the world as a professional sport, and has become available in all parts of the globe.

Today, many people are worried about the further development of DanceSport. As everyone knows, since the 1970s, from the very heyday of the dance industry, many famous names have been created, who in our time today, play important roles in the development process of the DanceSport industry. Today, on the competitive floor, you can see as many participants as never before, beginning from the Juvenile age category all the way to Seniors, and yet the uniqueness, character and style of the dancers is rapidly disappearing.

(Photo Courtesy of: DanceArchives)

I think the problem is that in our time, the time of excess information, people are not able to correctly analyze and use what is right in front of them. If we go back to the 70s, all that people had were books and the use of speech, rarely black and white video from last year's competition. This way, dancers were receiving 5-10% of information, supporting it with 90-95% of creative methodical hard work, and getting a unique result in the end. Now, dancers take in 90% of the information they learn, with almost everything being similar from source to source. This leaves 10% of creative work going into creating something unique.

But not everything is so terrible!

In this article, you can see for yourself the two ways of productive development of your personality and your skills. The choice is yours.

A) The Competitive Way

Simply put, you follow step after step with the time. You watch the latest videos from competitions, attend lectures of famous instructors, take private lessons and copy the styles of different dancers, trying to do it better than them. This in fact, almost everyone of us did or does currently. This is the path I call "the path already traveled by". You do what others have done, hoping to get a different result.


B) The Creative Way

You will need to:


You receive information from different resources, but before you start using it, you need to analyze it. A simple example: if your coach tells you about the technique of body action, his growth being 190 cm, and yours 175 cm, then the technique may not just be inefficient, but may even hurt you in progression. I would advise you to get all the necessary information and experience possible, and then reconfigure it to best suit yourself.

Trust your instincts

Many experts believe that instinct is our sixth sense. I'm not talking about the animalistic instinct, but rather the instinct of self-preservation. But how does it really work? If you do not go deep into psychological research and do not use philosophical terms, instinct is that inside voice that will always prompt the right decision in any life situation. All you need is just to want to listen to it.

Don't be afraid to try

To create your own style, you need to constantly experiment. Many people are not confident in their movements, only for the reason that they are afraid to look stupid. (Take a look at the article "How to Dance Like No One's Watching - Face the Fear"). In fact, there is a huge mass of such people. How does one deal with this? All is in your head! Moreover, if you are NOT afraid to look stupid, the surrounding environment will always perceive you as a confident, brave person. As I said before, the choice is yours.


Use both mirrors

The mission of the dancer is to bring every detail to perfection. To work on yourself, use the first mirror that is installed on the wall. Self-admiration here is useless, but a rational appraisal of your eyes will never fail. The second mirror, which is the most important, is your partner's eyes. I deeply believe that a man can only open up fully next to a woman, just as a woman blossoms only next to a man. Through dance, you can't fool anyone.

Repeat the concept of learning

It's all quite simple - all of us will fail at one point or another. You must understand for yourself that what you are doing is NOT ENOUGH, and it will never be enough. No matter how much you like what you are doing, there will always be someone who does MORE and wants it even more aggressively. As soon as you start to think that what you do is enough, your development is over.


Among the thousands and thousands of dancers in the world, very rarely you can see the individuality, even less often the unique style of a performer. But in our power, we have the ability to open the eyes and try to go a different way. Most importantly, remember: nobody remembers the titles, but everyone remembers the STYLE.

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