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WDSF PD Latin Spices it Up - Pieve di Cento 2019

WDSF PD Latin Spices it Up - Pieve di Cento 2019


WDSF PD Latin Spices it Up - Pieve di Cento 2019

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Helmut Roland)

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Drum rolls please… Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus of Moldova take their fourth Super Grand Prix win of their careers! This couple, may you be reminded, are three-time Amateur Latin WDSF World Champions as well as first-time Professional Latin WDSF World Champions, a title they claimed just last year after making their transfer into WDSF PD (the Professional Division). Each time they step out onto the floor, they conclude the evening with the Gold, since their time as Amateurs at the WDSF International Open in Rimini, Italy in May of 2017 to this WDSF Super Grand Prix here in Pieve di Cento - all first place wins. We will take a closer look at their scoring here in Italy in more detail in just a little bit.

(Photo Courtesy of: Helmut Roland)

The Top 6

From the expected 42 couples that were to take part in the Latin leg of this Super Grand Prix, a total of 39 couples took the floor at the Grand Hotel Bologna e dei Congressi yesterday. Just as we had suspected, Moldova concluded first, Vincenzo Mariniello and Sara Casini took the Silver, and Yao Hou and Ting Zhuang of China finished with the Bronze. Let us take a closer look below at the scoring of the final round of the top 6 couples:

Couple Country Samba Cha Cha Rumba Paso Doble Jive Total
Gabriele Goffredo - Anna Matus MDA 39.050 38.900 38.750 39.050 38.600 194.350
Vincenzo Mariniello - Sara Casini ITA 36.400 36.500 36.700 36.700 36.600 182.900
Hou Yao - Zhuang Ting CHN 35.900 35.900 36.400 35.650 35.800 179.650
Kirill Kolpashchikov - Julia Remizova RUS 35.600 35.450 35.600 35.300 35.600 177.550
Alexandr Shmonin - Maria Shmonina RUS 35.150 35.950 35.450 35.350 35.600 177.500
Mario Cecinati - Rosaria Messina Denaro ITA 34.650 34.550 34.450 34.700 34.850 173.200

The very first Super Grand Prix of Goffredo and Matus was indeed this very same Grand Prix held in Pieve di Cento just last year. Their final score this year, which concluded being a 194.350, has not been their highest of their four Grand Prix performances. Their highest earned score in a Grand Prix was last year in October in Leipzig, Germany, where the couple took a 195.100. If taking a look in comparison, they scored higher in the Samba here in Italy, tied in the Cha Cha as in Germany, and placed higher in the Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive in Leipzig. However, the difference lies in only 0.75 of a point, marks that are subject to change from performance to performance and adjudicator to adjudicator.

Vincenzo Mariniello and Sara Casini of Italy took on their second WDSF event as a Professional couple last night, which also turned out being their second Grand Prix. They took the Silver. As you can see above in the scoring, the distance was quite set between first and second place, as well as between third and second. The results were quite clear by standing and the quality of dancing presented. Yao Hou and Ting Zhuang of China took Bronze, even though last year they ended this same competition with a Silver.

Vincenzo Mariniello and Sara Casini
(Photo Courtesy of: Helmut Roland)

In fourth place, a couple of the Russian Federation, Kirill Kolpashchikov and Julia Remizova made the final! They also recently transferred into PD, dancing only their third Grand Prix here in Italy. In their first two Grands Prix, which where both held in Germany (in Stuttgart and then Leipzig), they placed 8th in the semi. Now, they are mid-way up the final! In Stuttgart, their total score of the five dances as judged in the semi-final was equal to 167.800; in Leipzig, the total score was 168.700. Five months later, here in Italy, Kolpashchikov and Remizova increased their total scoring by 8.85 points and made their way into the final! Only five months later!

In the final, we also have WDSF PD Show Dance Latin World Champions, taking fifth place: Alexandr Shmonin and Maria Shmonina of Russia. This couple has not been very active in WDSF PD events recently and has danced their last Super Grand Prix in 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany where they placed 8th. Now they are back, and hit off the year with their first WDSF PD event in the final!

Last but not least, let us take a look at our last finalists of the evening, from Italy - Mario Cecinati and Rosaria Messina Denaro. Out of all 6 finalist couples, Cecinati and Denaro are the most experienced in terms of dancing in WDSF PD events. Even though their very first event in the Professional division was actually here in Pieve di Cento last year in March, the couple will be dancing their 7th Grand Prix today actually – the Standard Grand Prix! That’s right, this couple is a 10 Dance couple – the World 10 Dance Vice-Champions! After concluding this Latin leg of the Grands Prix here in Pieve di Cento, they set out today to take on Standard.

Stay Tuned for Standard

We now prepare to watch the Standard competitors live as they compete for the ultimate title here in Pieve di Cento. They are soon to take the floor, and FloDance is here to capture it all. Stay tuned everyone! Can you make some predictions as to the final 6?

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