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Until Next Time Pieve di Cento - Standard WDSF Super Grand Prix Recap

Until Next Time Pieve di Cento - Standard WDSF Super Grand Prix Recap


Until Next Time Pieve di Cento - Standard WDSF Super Grand Prix Recap

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: FloDance - WDSF)

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And it’s a wrap! The Star Championships of Pieve di Cento have come to an end. It was a weekend packed full of emotions and a competitive atmosphere like no other, many referring to it as one of the greatest competitions they look forward to each year.

Denmark Takes Gold

The WDSF PD Standard Super Grand Prix concluded our live streaming of the event yesterday, and we were struck with many surprises along the way.

Professional Standard and 10-Dance World Champions, Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson of Denmark made their appearance, an appearance that we were not expecting when we took a previous look at the starting lists last week before the event. Just last year, they were competing at this various same competition, but in the Amateur division, taking part in the WDSF World Open where they finished third in the final. Just a year later and the Danish couple now takes the Gold, but this time as Professionals.

The Best of Pieve di Cento – Professional Standard

Let us take a look at the remaining top 6 finalists of the Standard program last night and how they scored in total:

Rank Couple Country Waltz Tango Viennese Waltz Slow Foxtrot Quickstep Total
1. Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson DEN 38.250 38.150 38.300 38.450 38.350 191.500
2. Nikolay Darin - Natalia Seredina MDA 37.400 37.700 37.750 37.650 37.450 187.950 
3. Cheng Dan - Li Zhenni CHN 35.838 35.875 35.876 36.176 36.075 179.840
4. Andrey Motyl - Ekaterina Kim RUS 36.100 35.900 35.650 35.850 36.100 179.600
5. Alessandro D'Amora - Maria Gorelik ITA 34.850 34.750 35.000 34.950 34.600 174.150
6. Victor Presnetsov - Vera Nam RUS 33.450 33.500 33.700 34.000 33.850 168.500

When we first took a look at the starting list for this event, we were expecting Nikolay Darin and Natalia Seredina to take the Champion standing on the pedestal as Bitsch and Williamson were not registered to compete. However, with the appearance of the World Champions, Darin and Seredina of Moldova claimed the Silver, their total score in the final 3.55 points below first place. What is quite interesting is that last year, just as with Bitsch and Williamson, Darin and Seredina also took part in the World Open Standard here in Italy as Amateurs. Denmark, as we know placed 3rd, but Moldova placed higher in 2nd!

This is actually only the second Super Grand Prix for Darin and Seredina, their first one being in Toyko just two weeks ago, an event where they placed in 1st. Nonetheless, Denmark still holds first place in the World as indicated by December’s Professional World Championship, and Moldova, the Bronze. We anticipate watching them compete in the future. We will make sure to keep a keen eye out for how they place in relation to one another.

China Takes the Bronze – A True Couple of Growth

Now, take a closer look at our third place Bronze medalists here in Pieve di Cento. This couple of China has been in the WDSF Professional Division since 2014, taking part in 12 WDSF Super Grands Prix throughout the extent of their careers as Standard competitors. Their very first Super Grand Prix was in August of 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany and they finished in 37th position out of 58. Now, they are at the top of the WDSF Professional Division! Such is the journey of DanceSport competitors, the true journey of dedication, never-ending dedication and a passion, a true love for dance and competition. It is a constant struggle to becoming better than you were yesterday, as with any sport. In Toyko, just two weeks ago, Andrey Motyl and Ekaterina Kim of Russia finished ahead of Dan and Zhenni, Russia taking the Silver and China the Bronze. Here, just a short time later, China took the lead. A very commendable feat for Dan and Zhenni – a true inspiration and role model couple for DanceSport generations to come!

It was quite the experience to watch the elite of DanceSport here in Italy and we look forward to our next event to take place in Cambrils, Spain, where we will be catching the WDSF World Open events in both the Standard and Latin divisions April 20th and 21st!

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