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The Secret Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

The Secret Benefits of Ballroom Dancing


The Secret Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Elena Anashina)

Ballroom dancing consists of several styles: the "International Style" and the “American Style". The International Style includes the "Latin" and "Standard" divisions while the American Style includes "Rhythm" and "Smooth". Each program consists of five different dances, besides American Smooth which consists of only four, and is distinguished by its own technique, music and character. However, no matter the diversity between the styles, all of the programs have much in common.

The Male-Female Connection

Whichever style you begin to learn, you will immediately notice that in dance, connection between partners is of particular importance. The role of the “leader” is played by the man, his task being to create comfortable conditions for the couple and to lead his lady in the right direction to the right timing. Thus, the man discovers himself from the courageous side of being the leader. The task of the lady, on the other hand, is to be feminine, to bewitch everyone's attention to herself as well as to "follow" the signals that the man sends to her through his leading. In addition to movement and technique, dancers learn to trust, support and count on each other.


Age in dancing is not important. Ballroom dancing is a unique combination of art and sport, and is absolutely FOR EVERYONE. From children ages 3-4, who need to direct their energy in the most positive and productive way, to people who are searching for a new breath in life, dance is the key.

(Photo Courtesy of: Great Gatsby Gala DanceSport)

To ballroom dance, you do not need a partner. Up to a certain level, everyone must go through individual training one way or another.

The Wonderful Benefits

Take a look at the following changes that ballroom dancing will bring into your life:

  • Great stress relief
  • Improvements in mental health
  • Improvements in physical health in just a few weeks, with the addition of a balanced diet 
  • Boost in self-confidence, positive feelings and cheerfulness
  • Added glamor to your life, which will help dilute the daily routine of day to day activities
  • Realization of new goals and aspirations in life


The secrets of Ballroom Dancing is different for everyone. For someone, this is great physical exercise. For some, it is the learning process and the atmosphere. And still for others, it becomes a lifestyle. All of these secrets are intertwined with one common knowledge: "Dancing – is insanity that brings great benefits and pleasure to everyone that it affects."

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