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The Motivation Behind Young Dancers Ages 5 to 7

The Motivation Behind Young Dancers Ages 5 to 7


The Motivation Behind Young Dancers Ages 5 to 7

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Imperial Ballroom Dance Studio)

During their competitive career, dancers have different factors and desires for motivation which depend on the age and level of the athlete. To clearly understand the idea, let’s first realize: what is motivation?

Defining Motivation

Motivation is what drives us to reach and fulfill our desired goals. It is what makes us do the actions that will in return produce our wants. For dancers, goals can include:

  • Working harder and dancing better than others
  • Developing strong physical and mental strength
  • Creating a successful competitive career
  • Becoming the champion
  • Being the best version of oneself
  • Making a mark in history as a legend and inspiration for others

Now we can wonder what kind of motivation 5, 6, and 7 year old children must have. What drives them to dance, to compete, and to keep working harder each and every day at what they do? The desire to practice, work hard and be the best version of themselves? Probably not YET. Not at this age. However, this does not go for all children of course.

(Photo Courtesy of: Groupon - Volga Dance Kids)

At this young age, the main priorities for kids consists of yearning for attention, uniqueness and self expression. They are ready to do anything and everything to make their parents praise them, or to win their teacher's attention. That's why parents and teachers are two major components involved when it comes to the motivation of children.

For Example:

For young boys, the opinions of the father figure is very important. If the male role model is not supporting the activity in which his son is interested in, the boy will most likely not even try it. This works vice versa as well. Sometimes the parents are more motivated than their children in a particular activity, hobby, or sport. In this case, the parents can start comparing their child to others, which right away starts creating pressure and killing the child’s motivation altogether.

From the teacher’s side, he or she must always give attention and support to each individual student. The most important thing is to create a healthy and friendly environment into which children will always want to come back to.

For the best results, the parents, teachers and the dancers themselves should work together as one strong team. Everyone is playing an important role and has their own responsibilities involved in the motivation of the athletes, especially when it comes to younger children.

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