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The Future is Now

The Training System That Will Change Everything

Bringing the interest of athletes and dancers first in a personalized system of training constructed specifically for the progression of each student and couple.

Training System

The Art of DanceSport Training System is a structure of training and counseling based on a series of evaluations and specific educational instruction.

  • Personalized System of Workouts explicitly constructed for each athlete and couple
  • Training Integration of Age and Level
  • Evaluation and Milestone Setting
  • DSS Competitive Rounds
  • Unity Approach of Art and Sport
  • Time Management Schedule Planning
  • DanceSport Psychology – Advisory and Counseling Program

Athletes preparing for competitive events

The Art of DanceSport Training System has been created exclusively by DSS to advance DanceSport athletes onto the path to lead the industry and sport into the Olympics in the years to come. The platform consists of personalized training workouts carried on by DSS instructors, who have come together under one unit. Seminars, camps, and competitions will connect these DSS members to exchange and carry forward knowledge, technique, and personnel to advance the industry to new heights in the sports arena. Furthermore, structure in training will lead to advanced performance in competition, increasing the strength of the quality of performance athletes worldwide.

The basic foundations of dance are essential in the evaluation of an athlete’s skill. Therefore, much focus will come back down to the syllabus of Ballroom Dancing in the AODS Training System. Each student will also be evaluated individually throughout the year regarding their technicality, performance, partnership skill, and musicality – the main terms of focus for DSS instructors in preparing their athletes for competitive events.