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Stuttgart: WDSF PD Professional Latin Super Grand Prix

Stuttgart: WDSF PD Professional Latin Super Grand Prix


Stuttgart: WDSF PD Professional Latin Super Grand Prix

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: FloDance/WDSF)

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The WDSF PD Professional Latin Super Grand Prix of Stuttgart, Germany, is approaching us this upcoming Tuesday, August the 7th. Fifty-two couples from 19 countries have registered thus far, including previous three-time WDSF World Latin Champions, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus. Gabriele and Anna turned professional February of this year after an extensive career in the WDSF Amateur Division.

Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus (Moldova)

Representing the country of Moldova, they are currently ranked sixth in the WDSF PD World Ranking List, racking up points to make it to the top of the leaderboard as they have been winning each and every WDSF PD event that they have participated in so far after their switch into the Professional Division. Such first-place wins include the World Championship hosted on the May 5 in Shijiazhuang City of the People's Republic of China and the European Championship hosted on June 9 in Boeblingen, Germany. When they were Amateur competitors of the World DanceSport Federation, Gabriele and Anna were at the top of the World Ranking leaderboard. Now, as the next step of their competitive career, they make their way up the leaderboard of WDSF Professional Division (PD). We will make sure to watch out for this dynamic duo in the coming Grand Prix.

Marts Smolko and Tina Bazykina (Latvia)

Marts Smolko and Tina Bazykina of Latvia will also be in Stuttgart this coming Tuesday. They are currently ranked first in the WDSF PD World Ranking List, and yet have come in second in the World and European Championships since Gabriele and Anna have entered the arena of the pros.

World Rankings:

Rank Couple Country Points
1. Marts Smolko & Tina Bazykina LAT 1,565
2. Yao Hou & Ting Zhuang CHN 1,447
3. Jun Wang & Yiwen Jia CHN 1,192
4. Juan Manuel Gomez & Marina Mangione ESP 1,114
5. Giacomo Lucchese & Francesca Berardi ITA 1,064
6. Gabriele Goffredo & Anna Matus MDA 1,013

Since former PD World Champions Pavel Pasechnik and Marta Arndt of Germany danced their last competition on December 2 of 2017 in Moscow, the world champion title was up for grabs this year in May. Marts and Tina were sure to secure that position until news came out that Gabriele and Anna would be dancing in the PD events, no longer WDSF Amateurs.

The Latvian couple is extremely hungry as the Super Grand Prix approaches here in Stuttgart, especially because they were the reigning champions of this event in the previous August of 2017. Will they win two years in a row, or will Moldova take the gold? Make sure to keep a keen eye on Marts and Tina as they give it their all on the floor at this crucial event for their competitive career. Always one step from the top of the pedestal, they have never yet achieved the title of world champions. They always seem to place second, even though the first-place champions change from year to year. There will definitely be a battle between Marts and Tina and Gabriele and Anna here at the Super Grand Prix in Stuttgart. The rivalry will not only bring tension in the arena, but also unforgettable dancing that will showcase the talents and dedications of these passionate and hardworking couples.

Time will soon tell the outcome and final standings of the Super Grand Prix of Stuttgart. Tune in this Tuesday to witness live the competitive arena of this prestigious Ballroom Dancing event. We will all be kept on our toes by the dancing that we shall all shortly see.

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