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Stuttgart Recap - 2018 WDSF PD Professional Standard Super Grand Prix

Stuttgart Recap - 2018 WDSF PD Professional Standard Super Grand Prix


Stuttgart Recap: 2018 WDSF PD Professional Standard Super Grand Prix

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: FloDance)

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Another incredible event has come to an end at this year’s German Open Championship. The WDSF PD Standard Grand Prix came rolling in, just as those crashing thunderstorms did. Sadly, it seems that the entire town of Stuttgart lost access with internet, and as a result, there were difficulties streaming live the events taking place. Nonetheless, we can certainly take a look at how the competition played out in the end for the WDSF Standard Professionals.

New Leaders Take Their Role

Knowing that reigning champions Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler of Germany have since left the world of competition just two weeks ago, announcing their retirement, new leaders would soon take the Professional Division by storm. This couple happens to be from Lithuania – Donatas Vezelis and Lina Chatkeviciute. Professional European Champions of this year, they have taken home the victory last night at the German Open here in Stuttgart. What an amazing beginning to another leadership of the WDSF Professional division, one that instills desire, hope, and fire to attain the World Championship title this coming December 2, 2018 in Moscow.

Event after event, Donatas and Lina have been attaining higher scores each and every competition.

With the judging system instilled for this event by the World DanceSport Federation, four qualities are looked upon to examine. These are: Technical Quality, Movement to Music, Partnering Skills, and Choreography and Presentation. For each quality, a maximum of 10 points can be awarded. That is a total of 40 points per dance. When competing in the Standard division, the couples execute 5 dances – a total maximum of 200 points can now be awarded for a couple’s entire final performance.

When examining closely the progression of Donatas and Lina’s scoring in a few recent major competitions, we see their improvement throughout each. In the WDSF PD World Championship of last year, they achieved a 187.750 total in the final, staying within the 37.000 percentile for each dance. At the European Championship, which took place June 2, 2018, they conquered by taking first place with a score of 189.600, some dances such as the Tango and Viennese Waltz being awarded within the 38.000 percentile. Now, here in Stuttgart, they excelled with a total of 191.200 points for the final, all five dances now within the 38.000 percentile. We wish them strength in growing their placings to even higher heights. They truly conquered this event.

Denmark Takes the Silver

Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson took home the Silver for Denmark. Their recent placements in the Professional Division have also been quite outstanding, such as placing second at the European Championship. Here, in Stuttgart, their scores in the final revolved around the 37.000 percentile, with Waltz and Viennese Waltz reaching above the 38.000 marking. Their total for the final ended being 189.600 out of 200 points possible. Bjorn and Ashli are striving to boost their placement in the WDSF World Ranking List, and they finally did just that here in Stuttgart. Check out the World Ranking Leaderboard below right before the PD Super Grand Prix:

World Rankings:

Rank Couple Country Points
1. Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Koehler GER 1,762
2. Donatas Vezelis & Lina Chatkeviciute LTU 1,385
3. Andrzej Sadecki & Karina Nawrot POL 1,265
4. Andrey Motyl & Ekaterina Kim RUS 1,213
5. Bjorn Bitsch & Ashli Williamson DEN 1,144

Now compare their placement after the conclusion of the event.

World Rankings:

Rank Couple Country Points
1. Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Koehler GER 1,612
2. Donatas Vezelis & Lina Chatkeviciute LTU 1,397
3. Bjorn Bitsch & Ashli Williamson DEN 1,292
4. Andrzej Sadecki & Karina Nawrot POL 1,277
5. Andrey Motyl & Ekaterina Kim RUS 1,226

What a major progressive step after just one event, a step that can take years for some to achieve!

In the end, the feeling of finally conquering your dream, your goal, is truly a feeling of taking flight. A big congratulations to the champions of this event, Donatas and Lina, and to the vice-champions Bjorn and Ashli, two couples who are truly living up to their dreams.

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