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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Seniors

The beauty, art, and excitement of Ballroom Dancing

DSS offers senior lessons and classes for various classifications of dance forms and dance styles, where socialization and physical exercise combine with the beauty of artistic performance.

Our senior programs are a glamorous way to enhance one's lifestyle, improve physique, enjoy the benefits that dance and music bring, and strengthen relationships between loved ones as well as make new connections and new friendships.

There are various options of interaction available for seniors:

  • Group Classes
  • Individual Lessons
  • Competitions & Tournaments

You do not need a partner to take part in our DSS classes, whether group or individual lessons. Group classes are based on many individuals coming together to experience the joy that dance brings to daily life as well as to people from all walks of life. Individual lessons are one-on-one sessions with a DSS instructor, solely focused and personalized on you and your dancing, uniquely. 

DSS Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons

Why is Dancing Important for the Elderly?

Ballroom Dancing has been proven by many research groups to enhance the lifestyle of senior citizens. First of all, it improves and helps strengthen one's physical condition in many fantastic ways. As we age and as our bodies become weaker, it is essential that we have a way to keep active on a daily basis. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and keep us in wonderful shape at absolutley any age.

The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

In addition, Ballroom dancing is the perfect tool that not only keeps our muscles toned, as well as our strength, flexilibilty, coordination, and endurance at a great standard, but also provides us with ankle and core strength which aides in our overall balance. The posted an article that wrote about Dr. Emma Redding describing that engagement in Ballroom dancing can help prevent falls in the elderly as a result of ankle and core strengthening from dance. 

In addition to overall bodily strength, Ballroom Dancing is known to reduce the risks of dementia in its participants. When taking dancing classes, your brain is active in learning choreography, in coordinating your body parts together, and in coordinating your body to the music. The cognitive processes going on at the time of the class increase significantly. In addition, ballroom dancing helps relieve stress and anxiety due to the increased blood flow throughout the body.

A New Breath at Life

Ballroom dancing also helps with socialization, especially for those who are widowed and/or lonely and have a difficult time filling that void in their day to day life. The partner element of Ballroom Dancing is of so much importance as it could be that many have not felt a touch from another human for some time. To feel touch from another partner brings joy, self-confidence, and happiness overall. It has been noticed that the elderly look forward to coming to class, dressing up in their favorite attire and putting on makeup and doing their hair. It is a celebration and a time to feel young and free. 

Ballroom dance class is a time and place which gives you the ability to truly enjoy yourself, your body, the music, and the company of people who have joined you to do the same.

DSS Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons

The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Physical Social Mental & Emotional
Aerobic exercise Meet new people Self-Expression Increase positivity
Helps relieve joint pain Feel human touch again Release of emotions Find your true self
Lower risk of obesity Reconnect with spouse An outlet for creativity Stress relief
Strengthen ankles Make like-minded friends Decrease loneliness Treat and prevent depression
Strengthen core Dating connections Decrease risk of dementia Have fun
Muscle toning Overcome shyness Increase confidence Increase brain strength
Increase flexibility   Increase memory Bring back memories
Increase endurance      
Burn calories      


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