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Tournament Simulation

Now is the time.


Preparing our athletes for the reality of DSF Tournaments.

DSS is on the way to establishing simulation competitions that will prepare its athletes for the way they will be judged at the time of DSF Tournaments. It is essential that the athletes understand the way they must perform in order to obtain the correct marks to move forward in their status as a competitive dancer in the DSR Ranking System


Just as Olympics Sports such as figure skating are marked in terms of requirements that they must meet during their performance, DSF tournaments will be run much alike. In each dancer's performance, a series of syllabus and open movements essential to the basis of Ballroom Dancing must be presented. Also, certain levels of athletes will be required to dance solo performances for each individual dance. Each couple will be judged individually based on their technicality and artistry on various pointers. Lower levels of dancers will dance in heats consisting of six couples.


Such requirements will be drilled throughout training through the Art of DanceSport Training System and performed and practiced through DSS Rounds. Our tournament simulations will be much like the sporting event itself, with such performances of basic syllabus movements, solo performances, dance heats, and marks for those performances which will allow couples to see in reality how their dancing will be evaluated during a live competitive event.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin -

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