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Post Competition Rebound - How to Get Back on Track After a Performance

Post Competition Rebound - How to Get Back on Track After a Performance


Post Competition Rebound - How to Get Back on Track After a Performance

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Preparing for a competition is no easy task. In any aspect. Whatsoever. We have all been there and many will continue down the path just the same. 

But just how exactly do we recuperate after the competition has all been said and done with? Do you go on a hunger spree and take down everything in sight? Are you the opposite and cannot look at food whatsoever? What about your water intake?

Post competition recuperation is essential to getting back on your feet as a competitor. The body goes under much stress during the weeks leading up to the competition as well as during the days of the competition itself. 

Here are a few tips to follow post competition to make sure that you get back into proper form in the healthiest way possible.

1. Do not binge eat. I know that you will be tempted - very tempted - to chow down that hamburger and the fries and the pizza and the chicken wings, but watch what you put into your body. I am not saying it's not OK to eat a hamburger and fries, but if you do, do not continue with the rest of the menu. Be cautious so that you do not harm your body after the days that you were under physical stress during the competition in which you consumed a limited intake of food.

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2. Make sure to eat! Ironic isn't it. But, honestly, if you lack an appetite, this does not mean that you should not eat. Your body needs to rebuild itself, and in a short time if you have another competition on the horizon. If you really do not want to eat, take fruits and vegetables that will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals needed to recover. Drink fresh juices and lots of water. Your body may be more susceptible to sickness after such stress and therefore it is essential to consume vitamins and minerals. Build your body back up with a nutritious diet.

3. Drink water. Make sure that you hydrate well enough after such physical exertion. 

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4. Skip the private lesson. Do not jump straight into a private lesson the day after a competition. Most likely your mind and body will still be in a daze and the money spent will not be money well spent. Both mind and body need to relax before new information is released into the system in order for the lesson to be the most productive it can be. 

5. Get a foot massage! Go and indulge your feet! Trust me, you will not regret it. Boys, this concerns you as well. After so much time dancing, your feet are tired and it wouldn't hurt for them to get a bit of relaxation.

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6. Do some yoga. Get your mind settled. Breathe. Not only will you balance yourself, but yoga will also help you stretch your muscles after strenous physical exertion experienced from performing. This will make keep your muscles from getting tight. They will get filled with the flow of oxygen. Also, remember - foam rollers are your best friend.

7. Take a hot bath or go to a spa. Again, massaging the muscles or just getting the blood flowing with a hot bath will not only relax your body, but also your mind. Let all of the stress go.

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8. SLEEP! Trust me, this is the best kind of medicine. You will heal and recuperate twice as fast in your sleep, not only giving your body a break, but also stimulating the resorative process. In addition, you will wake up feeling more positive, and ready to continue your journey!

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Of course the tips above range from dancer to dancer and competition to competition. If you are dancing at Worlds, your body will have gone under more stress than if you were dancing a local competition in which you only performed one final. Nonetheless, it is essential to recover properly no matter the circumstances. One way or another, the body suffered from stress. As a result, in order to balance the mind and body to get back on track and prepare for the next performance, you must take the necessary actions to do so. Good luck!

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