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Pieve di Cento - WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Standard 2019

Pieve di Cento - WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Standard 2019


Pieve di Cento - WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Standard 2019

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The Professional Standard competitors will leave their marks this Sunday, March 24th, for yet another Super Grand Prix to be held here in Pieve di Cento, Italy. Pieve di Cento, as we know, is a renowned location for hosting some of the largest World Open events of the World DanceSport Federation, this year with over 320 couples registered for both the Standard and Latin programs! A small commune, this municipality is part of the city of Bologna. Competitors flock here each year to be a part of this Star Championship and leave their mark with impeccable dancing.

Time for Standard

Many looked forward to seeing former 4-time WDSF Standard World Champions, Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova, compete in their first PD event after having transitioned from the Amateur division just last year. Unfortunately, it seems that they are not in the starting list just yet. Nonetheless, we have 43 couples registered thus far, 13 of which represent the hosting country of Italy. The second largest amount of competitors comes from three countries tied with 5 representatives each, coming from Ukraine, Korea, and the Russian Federation.

While last year’s Star Championship hosted the WDSF PD Super Grand Prix for the Latin competitors, there was only a WDSF PD World Open for the Standard dancers – a total of 31 couples took on the event. This year, the event was upgraded to a Super Grand Prix, of which 12 more couple have joined the competition since last year.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For…

By the WDSF World Ranking List in the Professional Standard Division, a couple of the Russian Federation marks their first place position in line - Andrey Motyl and Ekaterina Kim. However, at the WDSF PD World Championship that took place in Moscow, Russia recently on December 2nd of 2018, the couple came in 4th place in the final, with Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson taking the Gold. Bjorn and Ashli are a couple of Denmark and currently rank 5th in the World Ranking List. However, their absence from this event will lead way for other couples to take a chance at placing even higher than anticipated.

Comparatively, on the 10th of March, just a little over a week ago, Andrey and Ekaterina took the silver at the WDSF PD Super Grand Prix that took place in Tokyo, Japan. The Champions were a couple of Moldova, Nikolay Darin and Natalia Seredina. They will be here in Italy this coming weekend, having prepared to give another stellar performance in order to win another Super Grand Prix title. So, the final shall definitely be one to watch as the competitors turn up the heat in some friendly head to head battles.

It is strange that neither the World Champions, Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, nor the Vice-World Champions, Donatas Vezelis and Lina Chatkeviciute of Lithuania are set to compete. That puts Nikolay and Natalia, the World Bronze Medalists, as supposed leaders of this upcoming event, with Andrey and Ekaterina trailing behind, as referred to placements taken in the December World Championship. Such a prediction can always go either way. It can never be said for certain how dancers will perform, how marks will be placed, and so on. In the end, the dancers must give their all, not only on the dance floor at the time of the competition, but in all the hard work and preparation that will essentially produce what we see at the time of their performances.

Stay tuned for an exciting weekend here in Pieve di Cento. Starting with the Latin Grand Prix on Saturday and concluding with the Standard program on Sunday, FloDance will be streaming live all of the action. Can you predict who will take the Gold this time?

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