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Is Practice Wear Important for DanceSport Training?

Is Practice Wear Important for DanceSport Training?


Is Practice Wear Important for DanceSport Training?

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Over time, each dancer comes to face the question regarding his or her appearance during dance training. This question is also of interest to those parents who bring their children to ballroom dance classes. In DanceSport, as in other sports, there are certain "rules" that pertain to training attire. However, does particular clothing really play such an important role when it comes to preparing for a competition? Let's consider the following tips that will help us understand the issue at hand a bit better.

1) Discipline

Competitive ballroom dancing, or DanceSport, is indeed, a sport. If you want to achieve a desired result, or if you are a parent and want results for your child, the first thing you need to do is to organize yourself. You need to spend the time and money to get the necessary "uniform" for proper competitive preparation. With the right appearance, the dancer will experience a change in attitude towards him or herself, and will become more disciplined and not only ready to learn, but ready to achieve set goals - all because of the confidence and discipline that dressing properly entails.

2) Convenience

Practice wear for dancers is made of special stretchable materials, which affects the dancer's comfort during training as well as their freedom of movement. In addition, black, being the most popular color of choice in training wear, helps hide spots of sweat, which allows the dancer to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

3) Protection from Injury

Many accessories, for example, female leg warmers, help keep the muscles warmed up, which helps protect girls from various leg and feet injuries due to not warming up properly.

4) Taste

Do not forget that dancing is an aesthetic sport that develops elegance and femininity in girls from an early age and helps boys develop a sense of taste in relation to their own appearance. Children become more well-groomed and neat in relation to themselves when they train in attire especially designed for the task at hand.


5) Responsibility

If, from an early age, a child is taught to organize him or herself in relation to occupation, very quickly he or she will have a sense of responsibility. In the future, this can greatly aid in competitive performance - at a high level of skill, all details are important!

6) Productivity

For the Junior and Youth dancers, appearance will directly affect the quality and productivity of the training. A girl wearing a dress will feel much more professional, which will allow her to be more demanding of herself. Boys, when dancing with a girl who is dressed in beautiful dancing attire, will automatically demand and push themselves more.

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Let's go directly to the form of dance training wear recommended for girls and boys:

For boys:

  • Shirt (may be turtleneck, long-sleeved, or short-sleeved)
  • Dance trousers
  • Black socks
  • Dance shoes

For girls:

  • Leotard, skirt and tights OR
  • Shirt or dress with leggings and leg warmers OR
  • Training dress
  • Dance shoes


With a serious attitude towards sport and dance training, one must understand that appearance plays a major role. In addition, this is a simple approach to the development of children towards certain professional qualities. However, please do not forget to change clothes after training: hygiene is always number one!

If you have any general questions, you can always contact your coach for further advice.

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