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Introduction to DanceSport Series (DSS)

We are very excited to introduce to you a new project for the World of Ballroom Dancing - "DanceSport Series".

This project includes: Basic Movement Tutorials, Training Programs, Healthy Recipes, Hair & Make-Up Tutorials for both Men and Women, Q & A Sessions, Informative Sessions, all in all everything related to the Ballroom Dance Industry.

Project Creators:

This project was created by a leading couple of Team USA and 2019 World Championship Finalists - Igor Golovach & Michelle-Angela Blank.

Igor and Michelle are currently active DanceSport athletes specializing in the Amateur Latin division, representing Team USA at the World Arena. Aside from competing, they are also founders of "WikiDanceSport" (the first ever online encyclopedia of Ballroom Dancing) and are owners of "DanceSport Studio (DSS)" - a Ballroom Dance School for both children and adults located in Medford, New Jersey (USA).

"The mission and goal for this series is to introduce the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing (DanceSport) from the inside out, to share our love and passion to all generations to come.

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With Love, Igor & Michelle


Igor Golovach

Michelle Angela Blank

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