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DSS Advisory & Counseling Department

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DSS is a cross-federation collaborative training platform, pertaining to the Freedom to Dance and Equality & Fairness decree, that is on the path to establishing one uniform Art of DanceSport Training System for competitive and social Ballroom dancers in all aspects of fitness, health, and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual). DSS encompasses organizations as well as individuals of multiple DanceSport federations that work together as one unit in order to accomplish the highest standards of DanceSport training and education.

The Art of DanceSport Training System is bringing together those who want to make a difference for the better of the DanceSport industry, enhancing our athletes, and giving them the ability to truly prosper without politics obstructing the way. It is a system of training and counseling where political matters are no longer the concern of the trainees, depicting the interest of athletes and dancers first.

With the newly set Art of DanceSport Training System, training will consist of workouts customized specifically for athletes depending on their skill evaluation results and overall level of competitive standing. DSS Rounds will promote healthy progress physically and mentally for upcoming competitions. Individual, as well as couple training, by our DSS instructors are specifically created for milestone setting, accomplishing goals and therefore the overall progression of each athlete. Time Management Schedule Planning, as well as Counseling and Advisory consultations and privates for mental and emotional competition readiness, along with each aspect of the DSS training platform, combine under one set goal to lead the DanceSport industry on its Path to the Olympics.

DSS is also a starting Partner Connect division that will help athletes around the world find their way to the perfect competitive or social dance partner.

"You will never win if you never begin."

- Helen Rowland -