Individual Training

Individuality is key

A Unique Approach to Each Dancer

Taking a personalized approach to the needs of each individual athlete.

Indiviudal lessons are best for those that want a quicker reach to personalized goals and desires, whether you are a competitive dancer, learning for pleasure, or preparing for an event.

The Art of DanceSport Training System is based on the aspect of personalized training for each individual dancer and couple. In order to carry on this sport for generations to come, and to proceed onto the path of invoking Ballroom Dance into the Olympics, our athletes, trainers, and officials have to become disciplined in a different manner.

The importance of the progress of each individual, no matter his or her current skill level, must be taken equally and fairly without bias. No two athletes are alike. This essential ideal should be taken in consideration with the training arrangement of a dancer and the development of that athlete's career. What works for the advancement of one dancer, may not work for another.

The Evaluation process of the skill of each dancer then establishes a unique plan which is designed to elevate the level of that dancer. This method determines ability of technique (footwork, arm use, posture, body action), performance skill (portrayal of characteristics of each dance), partnership skill (if dancing in a couple), choreography, physical endurance, knowledge of syllabus and execution, musicality, and artistry. After the dancer has been evaluated, an individual training plan is set into action to further progress the dancer's level of skill in all said aspects.

"Remind yourself that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing."

- Rajat Dogra -