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Social Dancing Programs

Glamourize your lifestyle with a fantastic time on the dance floor.

DSS Social Ballroom Classes

Discover yourself in a new life.

What is Social Dancing?


Ballroom Dancing can be enjoyed both socially and competitively. Social Ballroom Dancing is related to competitive Ballroom Dancing in terms of dance styles and partnership communication. However, Social Dance Classes are conducted in a much more relaxed environment where the main focus of the time spent goes towards enjoyment of movement, music, socialization, and the joy of dancing itself. It is a much more informal environment focused on fun and entertainment.

DSS offers Social Ballroom Dance Lessons for various classifications of dance forms and dance styles, where sociability and socializing combine with the study of artistic performance.

What will Social Dancing give me?

Social Ballroom Dance Classes are a glamorous way to enhance your lifestyle, get in great physical shape, enjoy the benefits that dance and music bring, and to strengthen relationships between loved ones as well as to make new connections. Dancing is the perfect oppurunity to relieve stress and get away from all troubles of daily life. Social classes give you time to truly enjoy yourself, your body, the music, and the company of people who have joined you to do the same.

Social classes are the perfect oppurtunity for men to become comfortable with the idea of dancing and moving their bodies to music. Many males find themselves feeling awkward when asked to dance because they simply imply that they have "two left feet" or that they do not like or know how to dance. For those men out there who feel this way, enivronment-friendly social dance classes are a great start to feeling solid-confident when the music comes on, or when a partner asks you to dance with them.


No Partner, No Problem

To be a part of our DSS Social Class Lessons, you do not need a partner. Social Dancing is based on many individuals coming together to experience the joy that dance brings to daily life as well as to people from all walks of life.

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