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Stuttgart Recap - 2018 WRRC Boogie Woogie World Championship - Main Class

Stuttgart Recap - 2018 WRRC Boogie Woogie World Championship - Main Class


Stuttgart Recap: 2018 WRRC Boogie Woogie World Championship - Main Class

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Helmut Roland - WDSF)

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What an ending it has been for the 2018 German Open Championships of Stuttgart, Germany. Over 47 events have been danced, and now the five day event has officially concluded.

The World Rock ‘n’ Roll Confederation sanctioned three of its Boogie Woogie World Championships here at the GOC, and the Main Class was streamed live on FloDance.

The Dancing Craze

Boogie Woogie is one division of competitive dance that truly allows one to jump back in time and feel the happiness of what dance entails. We were very lucky to be witnesses to the competition that took place here at the German Open. I mean have you seen those legs? What about the tricks and lifts? The foot timing to music was just incredulous and many of the side-by-side tricks were performed to perfection! The overall presentation of the top couples was so light to watch: the legs just went and the upper-bodies were completely relaxed. It is this technical aspect that is so critical in Boogie Woogie, and we see how so many of these couples are truly mastering their bodies.

What was quite intriguing was the fact that people were not just gathered on the stands of the hall, but were also sitting on the floor encircling the performing couple. Now that is cozy! This is one aspect that we do not see in competitive Ballroom Dancing. Support of this type allows competitors to feel at home. It subsides pressure but can also add it as well, especially because the judges are seated right in front of you!

Who Conquered the Event?

Let us dive into the outcome of the Main Class Boogie Woogie World Championship. The champions deemed our predicted Thomas Audon and Sophie Allaf of France, the current WRRC World Ranking leaders. What a result for them and an improvement from last year! Thomas and Sophie were bronze winners at the 2017 World Championship. Now, they reign.

As we have already established however, the results of Boogie Woogie competitions vary from event to event. In addition, because the couples dance both a Fast and a Slow program, their result of the entire competition is a combined score of both programs. For example, Sondre Olsen-Bye & Tanya Georgiievska of Norway were the Boogie Woogie Main Class World Champions of last year. This year, they placed second.

We were also looking out for Finnish couple, Juho Päivinen and Mari Munne, who won the European Championship this year in May. However, they ended up taking fourth place in both the Fast and Slow programs. They placed exactly the same the previous year at Worlds when the event was hosted in Marseille, France.

Watching Boogie Woogie, you can see easily the difference between this style of dancing when comparing it to the style of Ballroom or Latin. All aspects of foot timing, lead and follow, and movement to music must work hand in hand to establish a strong show performance. Then, with all qualities intact, how well will the couple actually perform the piece and truly sell it? Well, from what we know, Thomas Audon and Sophie Allaf definitely sold it last night – the 2018 WRRC Boogie Woogie Main Class World Champions. Another title for the country of France! Job well done.

Watch WRRC Boogie Woogie in Stuttgart on FloDance.

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