Equality & Fairness


Break from the chains.

The Student Equality Approach to eliminate favoritism induced by instructors and adjudicators.


In order to evoke an equal opportunity for all, DSS employs the Student Equality Approach to eliminate favoritism induced by instructors and adjudicators of the DanceSport industry towards higher-level students and competitors. In conjunction with DSR (DanceSport Rankings), which will eliminate the boundaries of cross-federation politics and alert of possible favoritism and unfair rulings, DSS will promote the ability for DanceSport competitors of all ages and levels to hold an unprejudiced and honest position in the industry.

If DanceSport is to make its Way into the Olympics, it must be done in a way that promotes athletes first and money-making second. Much politics in this industry grows from money. Students of the most well-known adjudicators will always be on top, even though their technique, performance skills, partnership skills, and musicality may stand worse than those couples who do not have the ability to train under such top adjudicators and instructors.

For sport to be sport and therefore even be considered for the Olympics, each dancer and couple must be judged fairly and equally, no matter their position politically. Technicality, partnership, performance, and musicality is how athletes will be judged under the DanceSport Federation (DSF), not by their political standing. DSS will prepare its athletes for this new judgment system with its new Art of DanceSport Training System.


"Fairness is not an attitude. It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised."

- Brit Hume -