DanceSport Psychology

DSS Advisory & Counseling Department

Where all and any problems are addressed for the benefit of the dancer

The DSS Advisory & Counseling Department is where all and any problems are addressed. This is where individuals consult about any physical, mental, emotional, social and/or spiritual problems they may be having. Consultations can be taken individually or as a dancing couple, if problems exist within the athletic team. Our DanceSport Psychology experts will always be available to address such issues that weigh down on the progression of the athlete which may include:

  • Personal/family issues
  • Issues regarding a dancing partner
  • Time Managment issues
  • Advisory regarding skill sets
  • How to progress one's child or oneself as a competitive DanceSport athlete
  • Issues regarding the non-political ideal that DSS stands for
  • Advice on social dancing

The DSS Advisory & Counseling Department is also open to all organizations, where they may attend consultations regarding which way to go in terms of business decisions which may include launching a new studio, working as a professional yet not wanting to be attached to a studio, etc.

The main concern for the DSS Advisory & Counseling Department is of course the athletes. All DSS Dancers will have full access to counseling and advisory.

"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."

- Henry Ford -

Analysis of Skill.

Understand Your Skills

Leading a path to a future way of training and progression for each individual and dancing couple based on strengths and weaknesses.

DSS Evaluation is a system that allows DSS instructors to better understand the level and skill set of a particular dancer or couple. As a result, coaches will be able to plan athletes' future ways of training based on their strengths and weaknesses.

This is how progression is recorded as well. Here, we find out if any changes need to be implemented for the betterment of the athlete.

The Art of DanceSport Training System evaluates and then establishes a personalized training plan for each particular athlete, unique to his or her evaluation results. Each athlete is placed in a challenging workout plan with set milestones that will evoke his or her progression and therefore continue placement into higher skill set levels.

"Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That's success.."

- Zig Ziglar -

Use your time wisely

The Importance of Time

In the world of sport, time is everything.

The use of one’s time is a skill that each individual should master in his or her lifetime. For dancers and athletes in general, it is essential they master this ideal early on for maximum success in the future.

For juvenile, junior and youth athletes, balance between school, sport, and social time needs to be addressed. Our DanceSport Psychology department focuses on advising and counseling our athletes about such time management, especially if parents do not have time to do so.

Our DSP council will help each athlete come up with a plan and time schedule balancing school, work, training lessons, practice time, tournaments, and travel. If need be, they can be set up with our DSF partnered home schooling and online schooling organization to better manage their educational time from wherever their location may be.

"Lost time is never found again.."

- Proverb -