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DanceSport Studio is an athletic dance school and is the creator of the Art of DanceSport Training System for competitive and social dancers alike, which encompasses education in all aspects of fitness, health, and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual) for dancers of all ages and all levels.

Welcome back to DanceSport Series! In this video, we speak about the correct posture needed for dancing in general and how you can prepare your body for movement.


Besides giving us proper presentation throughout our performance, posture is essential in actually preparing and toning your body to dance in the first place. You must roll your hips under, elongating the spine, and keep your core toned. You can also think of moving your pelvis under and up (forward). Extend the spine by stretching it up and down simultaneously, through the top of your head, down through your sit bone, keeping this tone throughout the entire practice or presentation.

Also, do not break the rib cage or instead open it outward. You will end up losing more flexibility in your body action. Instead, think of rounding your shoulder blades.


Watch the video above and get moving for a full tutorial on the correct posture needed by dancers! We hope it will help your performance in the best way.

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