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Competitive Ballroom Dancing for Kids

Competitive Ballroom Dancing for Kids


Competitive Ballroom Dancing for Kids

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For boys, what could be more important than learning to respect girls? From an early age, dance allows boys to learn how to communicate, care for and protect girls. Since in competitive Ballroom Dancing, a boy and a girl work together as a couple, from an early age, children learn to work in a team, also developing leadership skills and a desire for victory.

The correct balance of a healthy posture, muscle tone of the whole body and physical endurance is exactly what dancing gives. Girls get a beautiful figure, feminine forms and elegant gestures. Boys strengthen their backs, gain stronger legs and torsos, as well as confidence in the eyes. The Latin American program helps to get rid of excess weight, shyness and lack of confidence.


Boys and girls are united by a common cause - dance and music. Lessons of Ballroom Dance for children educate personality and individuality. They get a good mood, positive emotions and sense of purposefulness. All this is laid down in childhood when teaching children Ballroom Dances. Subsequently, a person grows harmoniously developed, healthy, able to adequately assess the environment as well as surrounding people.

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