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DanceSport Studio (DSS) is a professional athletic ballroom dance school staffed by nationally and internationally acclaimed instructors, World Finalists, and United States Champions.

Competitive Ballroom Dancing is known as DanceSport. In this arena of sport, dancers are judged at competitions, either individually or with a partner, to specific sets of criteria that consist of standardized technical and artistic qualities.

DanceSport brings together the world of glamour into the world of sport as athletes prepare from head to toe, in the most beautiful attire, with hair and makeup perfectly done, to present all the hard work put into training for such competitions.

DanceSport is acknowledged worldwide and is more condensed in Europe and Asia, where it is genuinely considered an athletic sport, sponsored highly by governments of various countries. DSS opens up the heart of DanceSport to all ages to form strength in competitive Ballroom Dancing in the United States.

When becoming a part of the DSS Competitive Team, the following styles of dance will be considered in the syllabus:

International LatinCha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive

International StandardWaltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep

All Ages

Training Curriculum

DanceSport Studio (DSS) offers competitive training for all ages and proficiency levels. DSS will uniquely design a program to share your skills on the competitive dance floor, locally, nationally, and internationally, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer.

Various options of interaction are available for competitive dancers, all of which are incorporated into a dedicated training schedule for each individual student:

group classes

Group Classes

Ballroom dance lessons for little kids kids age 3-5

Individual Lessons

competitive rounds

Competitive Rounds


Evaluations & Advisory

Why Compete

DSS Competitive Training

DSS competitive training is structured with more intensive training for those who want to experience the proper preparation for the international sport or those who wish to become physically and mentally stronger with such athletic practice. In addition, DSS group classes prepare our competitive dancers for the highest level of competition nationally and internationally.

Ballroom Competitions

Competitive Age Groups

  • Tots (5 – 6 years of age)
  • Juveniles (7 – 10 years of age)
  • Juniors (11 – 15 years of age)
  • Youth (16 – 18 years of age)
  • Adults (19 and older)
  • Seniors I (35 – 44 years of age)
  • Seniors II (45 – 54 years of age)
  • Seniors III (55 – 64 years of age)
  • Seniors IV (65 & up years of age)

No Barriers

Individual vs Partnership

DSS offers the chance for any student to compete, whether with or without a competitive partner. Of course, you can always pair with one of our DSS instructors to compete at tournaments. DSS can also aid in partner search for solo competitive dancers looking to form a couple.

However, you do not have to compete to be a part of our competitive dancing programs. Anyone is welcome to attend and learn the true essence of DanceSport.


DSS in Action