We are one.

Where there's unity, there is always victory

Working together by sharing experience and resources to deliver the highest level of training and education.

The DSS Network is a collaborative chain that consists of sharing experience, resources and personnel, working together to deliver the highest level of DanceSport training and education to all levels of athletes and Ballroom dancers. By collaboration, the unity of DSS members will constitute ever-evolving training progressions to exceed in results for future goals.

No matter the federation, country, state, or position, any dancer, instructor, or official has the right to become a part of the DSS team. Politics shall no longer be the road block, but rather a connector to come together and promote a healthy sport in all aspects.

DSS set studios, camps and competitions shall be a place where any DSS member has the opportunity to learn in a healthy competitive, group environment under the Art of DanceSport Training System. With our team of DSS instructors, adjudicators and officials around the world, our athletes will have access to knowledge no matter their location. Dancers will have the opportunity to not only dance in their home country's DanceSport Federation (DSF) sanctioned competitions, but also internationally at all DSF set Tournaments without any political hindrances or unethical scoring judgments.

The unity of athletes, instructors, adjudicators, and officials coming together to promote DanceSport as a sport and art without the unnecessary evils of politics will provide the entrance of this sport on its Way to the Olympics under the DanceSport Federation (DSF). With a new training system to unite all athletes and instructors for competitive preparation as well as a new competition judgment system created based on various other Olympic sport scoring systems, the way of DanceSport competition will transform in such a way as did figure skating, from being a competitive hobby to an Olympic recognized sport.

"In union, there is strength."

- Aesop -