Code of Ethics

Principles of Professionalism

The purpose of these principles of professionalism is to provide a framework of conduct above and beyond the minimum standards provided by the code of ethics as set forth in the bylaws of the DanceSport Federation (DSF).


DSF Member Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics is hereby adopted to the end that the public respect, safety and the status of the federation members in the coaching profession may be enhanced and secured. The ethical principles are to be followed to avoid all actual or perceived impropriety


DSF Member Code of Conduct

The following Member Code of Conduct applies to all participants in activities hosted, supported, sponsored or engaged in by DSF including but not limited to competitions, exhibitions and training camps


Coaches' Code of Ethics, Standards and Conduct

The purpose of Clubs Code of Conduct is to provide a standardized guideline of ethics, standards and conduct to ensure the quality, integrity and moral environment of DSF Ballroom Dancing, its member clubs and programs


Parents Code of Conduct

The purpose of Parents Codes of Conduct is to give everyone a guide to what is expected of them if they are part of DSF organization, participating in a DanceSport, or as spectators any DSF's events