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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

There are many options for dance interaction and activities available for children, for example, Group Classes, Individual Ballroom Dance Lessons, Dance Training Camps, and Competitions & Tournaments. We specialize in the dance styles of:

International LatinCha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive

International StandardWaltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep

Our DanceSport Studio DSS offers various intensity levels of Ballroom Dance lessons for kids. In addition, each child will have the option to decide whether or not they would like to engage in competition throughout the United States and internationally as part of the DSS Team. If choosing to train as a DSS Competitor, each child will have a program designed uniquely to suit all aspects of physical, technical, artistic, and mental preparation with DSS Ballroom Dance Group Classes and Training Camps. However, individual ballroom dance lessons will be assigned throughout the program, depending on the progress.

All Ages

Ballroom Kids Age Groups

Ballroom dance classes for kids are differentiated by different ages and designed for kids’ rapid growth and development, both physical and mental; in summary, kids learn communication skills in a community environment, listen and follow instructions, and become team players.

Kids as early as four years of age may begin ballroom dance lessons. Children ages three and under may have the chance to attend the classes, but first must be approved by DSS instructors. Here, children start learning coordination and movement to music and some fundamentals of Ballroom Dancing.

Juveniles are young dancers ages six to ten. Here children begin learning the basic structures of the Ballroom & Latin dances, including choreography & technique. In addition, children will be exposed to 4 out of the 5 Latin-American Dances & 4 out of the 5 International Standard Dances.

Juniors are dancers ages 11-15. At this age, students will be exposed to all 5 Latin-American Dances and all 5 International Standard Dances to include in their educational resume. Classes will consist of basics & fundamentals in choreography & technique and the Open Advanced curriculum.

Why Ballroom

Why Should Children Ballroom Dance?

Ballroom dancing is the unique atmosphere where boys and girls come together in duos that essentially aid in constructing their lifestyles of sport and genuinely gracious character.


Is it good for boys to ballroom dance?

Ballroom Dancing is one of the only arenas of sport and art that incorporates physical strength with the importance of becoming a true gentleman in life. DanceSport, which is the term for competitive Ballroom Dancing, builds and combines the fundamental elements of the sport, including endurance, stamina, bodily strength, flexibility, power, and speed, with the essential teachings of graciousness and gentleness towards others, especially females. These teachings build the character that transforms young boys into young gentlemen who carry these traits of self-confidence and selflessness throughout the rest of their lives.


Benefits of girls do ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is the discipline of dance that genuinely transforms each young girl into a genuine young lady of feminity, kindness, care, and beauty that radiates from the inside out. Aside from her growing up physically active and healthy in terms of sport preparation, she will also learn how to take care of herself in terms of physical appearance, how she speaks and moves, her gestures, and how she acts to others. This is where girls learn to genuinely and honestly respect themselves.

The Future

Ballroom Dance Education

Nobody wants to talk about how learning ballroom dancing creates future financial stability.

Learning ballroom dancing from professional DanceSport educators is the same concept as college education. Whether or not it is competitive dancing (DanceSport) or recreational dancing, during extensive training, kids will develop skills that will last throughout their life and will create an independent, unique way to earn a living no matter the geographical location. The better the skills level, the better chance to make a substantial income.

The interests of each student comes first

Training Structure

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

Children as early as four years of age may begin dance classes. Children ages three and under may have the chance also to attend, but first must be approved by DSS instructors.

When first signing up for your child, you will decide what training path you would like your child to take. Furthermore, after selection, we will then explain the method of training that will correspond to your preference for the best benefits for your child and their progress.

Your selection will result in a personalized training plan for your child. Each child will progress through our proficiency levels, regardless of whether they will participate in the competition. They will move through milestones and achieve goals that will indicate their progress in training.

Each child will graduate through each proficiency level. In addition, ranking competitions are available at any level of proficiency; therefore, we can plan and schedule a child’s participation in national and international tournaments and training camps in advance for future goal milestones for our DSS Competitive Team.

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