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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

The strength, beauty, art, and athleticism of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dance classes for adults are the perfect opportunity to relieve stress and escape the troubles of daily life. It is a time and place which gives you the ability to truly enjoy yourself, your body, the music, and the company of people who have joined you to do the same.

Aside from the physical, social, mental, and emotional benefits listed below, Ballroom Dancing gives much more than what lies at the surface. First of all, it promotes grace, poise, and elegance in ladies and men. Ballroom Dancing is all about the physical and spiritual connection between our minds and our bodies intertwined with the minds and bodies of our dance partners. Finally, ballroom Dancing is all about etiquette and how we treat ourselves and others. The wonderful thing about stepping into the world of Ballroom Dance is that you begin to notice how much your life outside of class will change because you have stepped into this new reality.

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Our adult programs are a glamorous way to enhance one’s lifestyle, improve physique, enjoy the benefits that dance and music bring, strengthen relationships between loved ones, and make new connections and new friendships. All DSS classes are structured on true DanceSport organizational training and syllabus. However, one does not have to compete as a DanceSport athlete to participate in our classes.

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Adult Dance Classes

We offer a variety of dance classes for adults that range from carefree and fun-filled social dance classes to one-on-one individual lessons with a DSS Instructor for those looking to spice things up a bit and take a step onto that competitive dance floor.

Explore the beauty of various Ballroom Dancing styles, including American Rhythm and Smooth and International Latin and Standard. Get ready to sweat with the Hustle and move those hips to the beats of club dances such as Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue.

Come one, come all. We offer classes for absolutely all ages and levels. Come solo or with a significant other, friends, or your whole family! Don’t worry about having a partner! The beauty of adult social ballroom dancing lies in the people you get to meet who may become your great friends with whom you love to share moments filled with music and movement together. So join today and try a free group class on us!

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DSS offers ballroom dance classes and lessons for adults for various classifications of dance forms and dance styles, where socialization and physical exercise are combined with the study of artistic performance.


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