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Art and Sport

Balance is key


Politics will no longer divide the fact that Professional DanceSport athletes need a clear balance of both art and sport.

Much of the politics of the DanceSport industry results in the aspects and quality of differentiating Ballroom Dancing as either an art or a sport, or rather having a greater inclination to one or the other feature. The Art of DanceSport Training System is established in order to balance, explore, and implement the two for the betterment of each athlete.


The way into the Olympics for the DanceSport industry has to be focused on the sport element of Ballroom Dancing, as discipline and a correct training system needs to be implemented. Yet, just like the Olympic sport of figure skating, while sport is essential to technique, art is essential to performance. There must be a balance of both in order for the athlete to be considered a professional in his or her competitive career.


For this reason, if DanceSport is to make its way into the Olympic Games in the years to come, we must distinguish the balance that is key to the training of both the competitor's technique and performance - a balance of art and sport.

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create."
- Jana Kingsford -

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