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Adult Ballroom Classes

Adult Ballroom Classes

Adult Programs

Experience a New World!

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

The strength, beauty, art, and athleticism of Ballroom Dancing

DSS offers adult lessons and classes for various classifications of dance forms and dance styles, where socialization and physical exercise combine with the study of artistic performance.

Our adult programs are a glamorous way to enhance one's lifestyle, improve physique, enjoy the benefits that dance and music bring, and strengthen relationships between loved ones as well as make new connections and new friendships. All DSS classes are structured on true DanceSport organizational training and syllabus, however, one does not have to compete as a DanceSport athlete in order to take part in our classes.

There are various options of interaction available for adults:

  • Group Classes
  • Individual Lessons
  • Training Camps
  • Competitions & Tournaments
DSS Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons

What Will Dancing Give Me?

Ballroom Dancing is the perfect opportunity to relieve stress and get away from all the troubles of daily life. It is a time and place which gives you the ability to truly enjoy yourself, your body, the music, and the company of people who have joined you to do the same.

Aside from the physical, social, mental, and emotional benefits listed below, Ballroom Dancing gives much more than what lies at the surface. First of all, it promotes grace, poise, and elegance not only in ladies but in men as well. Ballroom Dancing is all about the connection between our minds and our bodies, as well as the minds and bodies of the partners that we may have the pleasure of dancing with. Ballroom Dancing is all about etiquette and the way that we treat ourselves as well as others. The wonderful thing about stepping into the world of Ballroom Dance is that you begin to notice how much your life outside of class will change as a result of you having stepped into this new reality.


The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Physical Social Mental & Emotional
Aerobic exercise Meet new people Self-Expression Increase positivity
Helps relieve joint pain Reconnect with spouse Release of emotions Find your true self
Lower risk of obesity Make like-minded friends An outlet for creativity Stress relief
Lower risk of type 2 diabetes Dating connections Decrease loneliness Treat and prevent depression
Muscle toning Overcome shyness Increase confidence Have fun
Increase flexibility   Increase memory Increase brain strength
Increase endurance      
Burn fat      


The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Why is Dancing Important for Men?

DSS classes are the perfect time for men to become comfortable with the idea of dancing and moving their bodies to music. Many males find themselves feeling awkward when asked to dance because they simply imply that they have "two left feet" or that they do not like or know how to dance. For those men out there who feel this way, environment-friendly dance classes are a great start to feeling solid-confidence when the music comes on, or when a partner asks you to dance with them.

Dancing also helps improve motor skills, coordination, agility, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition to physically improving strength, men will learn how to properly handle women and understand the importance of touch. As a result, it becomes much easier to use this sense outside of class. Also, men who are able to dance often appear much more confident and therefore, much more attractive.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to take part in our DSS classes, whether group or individual lessons. Group classes are based on many individuals coming together to experience the joy that dance brings to daily life as well as to people from all walks of life.

Individual Training

DSS also offers individual lessons in addition to group classes. An individual lesson is a class-hour session, one-on-one (45 minutes) with an instructor. While group classes are great for socialization and overall education of technique, footwork, body action, etc., individual lessons are much more personalized to each participant, uniquely.

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