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2019 WDSF Standard World Open, Cambrils, Spain

2019 WDSF Standard World Open, Cambrils, Spain


2019 WDSF Standard World Open, Cambrils, Spain

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Alexander Munteanu and Anna Sheedy - Facebook)

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This Sunday, April 21st, 2019 will host the Standard World Open of the Iberica DanceSport Competition here in Cambrils, Spain. In comparison to its Latin counterpart to be held Saturday, this event trails behind in amount of couples participating. Currently, 77 couples are registered for Latin, but only 48 for Standard. That is quite the difference, a major deficit in this year’s Standard competitors. Last year’s event topped out at 64 couples, and is down by 16 for 2019. 48 is a low number for a WDSF World Open event, but there is still time for last minute entries to flood in. We shall see the end result soon enough.

The Anticipated Top 3

Now enough about quantity – let’s look at the quality to come rolling in this expected weekend. Out of the final of last year’s World Championship, sadly, we will not be seeing any of the top 6 WDSF Standard couples. However, we will be seeing Alexey Glukhov and Anastasia Glazunova of Russia, currently ranked second in the WDSF World Ranking List. They did not compete in the World Championship last November, but when they did back in 2017, they were in 6th position in the final. Most likely, these two will be our champions of the night if we do not expect to see any other competitors sign up last minute.

Also, Dmitri Kolobov and Signe Busk of Denmark will be in attendance. Last year at this very same Standard World Open here in Cambrils, they took the Bronze. Currently, they are ranked 26th in the WDSF World Ranking List and took 15th in the 2018 WDSF Standard World Championship. They will be competing against Edgars Linis and Eliza Ancane of Latvia who were in the semi-final of the World Championship, finishing in 10th place. They currently rank 11th in the WDSF World Ranking List.

These look like our top three couples of the upcoming Standard event this weekend – the top three that will make the pedestal.

America on the Rise

Aside from the highest-ranking competitors to compete here in Spain, from the United States, we also have a couple that has since been on the rise to the heights of DanceSport competition in the World DanceSport Federation. Alexander Munteanu and Anna Sheedy have achieved some fantastic results the past year for their country – they became the first U.S. couple ever to make it to the final of the German Open Championships in the Rising Star event as well as the first U.S. couple to take on a final at a WDSF World Championship, the Standard World Show Dance Championship that was held in Bratislava, Slovakia. Their last World Open was in Pieve di Cento, Italy at the end of March. They placed 21st out of 234 couples! It will be interesting to see how well they will take on this World Open here in Spain!

Good Luck to All

Competitors from 18 various countries will be in the running for a victorious evening. 13 of the 48 registered couples come from the Russian Federation -  about 27% of the total registrants! 7 couples represent the hosting country of Spain. This World Open will be the conclusion of the Iberica DanceSport weekend which begins this Thursday the 18th with a training camp to kick off the festival. We wish the best of luck to all competitors and look forward to seeing each and every one of your performances highlight this coming event! Burn the floor!

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