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2019 WDSF Latin GrandSlam Makes Its Way to Bucharest, Romania

2019 WDSF Latin GrandSlam Makes Its Way to Bucharest, Romania


2019 WDSF Latin GrandSlam Makes Its Way to Bucharest, Romania

(Cover Photo Courtesy of: Helmut Roland)

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Dance Masters has been hosting WDSF events for many years now and the time has come that this competition make history by hosting the WDSF GrandSlam series for the very first time in the country of Romania! Bucharest is the first stop for WDSF athletes in their journey towards obtaining points for their year’s GrandSlam Ranking. The conclusion of all five GrandSlams conducted throughout this year will determine which couples will be selected, by their rankings, to take part in the Final GrandSlam that will be held once again in Shanghai this coming December.

Welcome Latin Competitors!

Sunday, March 17th will bring out the Latin couples to compete in their very first GrandSlam of the year on the dance floor at the Polyvalent Hall. Couples registered number 87 thus far, just three less than in the Standard division, and we have some interesting statistics to compare and some exciting competition to anticipate! We are expecting to see 29 WDSF Latin Star couples come out this weekend as well as 25 of the 87 couples who are representing the hosting country of Romania.

Flashback & What to Expect

If we take a look back into the years of 2017 and 2018, Dance Masters hosted WDSF World Opens in both the Standard and Latin divisions. The 2017 World Open here in Bucharest was conquered by current World Champions, Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno of Russia. The 2018 World Open was conquered by German couple Marius-Andrei Balan and Khrystyna Moshenska, who were runners-up in last year’s WDSF Latin World Championship. It will be quite interesting to see who the crowd will be supporting this weekend and who will end up taking the Gold. Nothing is ever certain in any form of sport. Letting go for just one split second can account into you losing your position, essentially giving the title to someone who worked just a tad harder, prepared more, or simply believed in themselves greater. This is the reality of sport, where every competition is a battle of a much greater war.

Marius-Andrei Balan and Khrystyna Moshenska
(Photo Courtesy of:

We will also be seeing another couple beloved by spectators - Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova representing the country of Germany. This couple is actually currently ranked in first place as seen by the WDSF World Ranking List, even though they placed in third at the 2018 WDSF World Latin Championship. Exuding such a strong charisma along with their unique partnering style on the dance floor makes them loved by all those who watch their performances.

We will also be looking out for Paul Moldovan and Cristina Tatar of Romania itself who have taken the Vice-Champion title at the World Open events of this Dance Masters competition since 2016. After being 15-time Romanian National Champions in various age categories, the couple recently, and shockingly, took second at this year’s Romanian National Championship. Ionut Alexandru Miculescu and Andra Pacurar took first. Ionut and Andra have been on the rise in their competitive career as of late, winning the 2018 WDSF European Latin Cup as well as various recent WDSF International Open events. They have also been coming in second at various WDSF World Opens. The time has come and we will be seeing both of these Romanian couples here in Bucharest, anticipating who will come out victorious.

An Event You Don’t Want to Miss

This Latin GrandSlam leg will actually be quite captivating to watch as the final and semi-final rounds will most likely be comprised of the best couples of the WDSF. This is because the top 11 ranked in the WDSF World Ranking List are all registered to compete here in Bucharest. There will be heat in the air as we watch the tension, as well as the respect, that each and every one of these couples exhibits towards their competitors. In the name of sport, we must never underestimate our opponents, as it is clear we all fight for one title - we all want it.

We invite you to join us in being a part of history in the making, the very first WDSF GrandSlam of Romania. Capture live the competition that will be sure to burn the dance floor this upcoming weekend - on FloDance.

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